💖About the Author💖

Hi there, I'm [R E D A C T E D]. I unfortunately don't have a cute screen name yet, but hopefully I'll find one soon. I'm in my late 20's and coming up on 30. I have a million hobbies and am not particularly good at any of them, but I like being a jack of all trades. I'm a proud highschool dropout with an insatiable desire for knowledge and experience, and the thing that keeps me up at night is the knowledge that I'll die before I see and experience everything life has to offer.

I'm incredibly pro-cringe, pro-main character syndrome, pro-chuunibyou. We have no static self and only are what we invent ourselves to be day after day and the roles others force us into and we - consciously or unconsciously - force ourselves into are so awful and empty and limiting. I spent the last 20ish years stuck in a hell, firstly thrust upon me by others and then reproduced by myself, and I am only now just coming into the person I want to be. Which is different than the person I used to want to be, and will be different tomorrow. But I am embracing that infinite possibility to let myself simply be.

This website is a documentation of how that "self" develops.

If you want to contact me, for now the best way to do so is via email.

🌸affirmlife (at) privacyrequired (dot) com🌸

>> Here's my PGP key! <<

❣ But what the fuck is PGP?

Stay free<3

💖About the Website💖

I made this website as part of a drive to get away from the hell world of social media and algorithmic control. I also just generally have a lot of nostalgia for personal webpages, I think they're really cute and cool and everyone should have one. I miss when the internet was fun and not an anxiety inducing time sink of infinite scrolling and information overload.